About Us

estancia-2A Grassroots Organization

The Estancia Basin Resource Association (EBRA) is a grassroots organization dedicated to preservation of water resources within the Estancia Basin, New Mexico. EBRA was originally formed in response to a proposal by Sierra Waterworks, LLC and the City of Santa Fe to begin extracting water from the Estancia Basin’s already-declining aquifer to support future development in Santa Fe, despite the City’s already-adequate water supply.

Current Objectives

EBRA now works to resist such future attempts and to ensure that such interbasin transfers are not conducted to the detriment of residents, farmers, ranchers, businesses, and other entities located in the “target” basin. We are also currently working to support the update of the Estancia Basin Regional Water Plan, and are expanding our contacts with other, like-minded civic organizations within the state to advocate public policy that promotes the protection of water resources as well as the property rights of individuals and businesses in the Estancia Basin and throughout New Mexico. We are creating a reserve fund to pay for potential litigation and holding forums to educate the public on water resources issues.